The smart electric fence sensor!

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What is the FenceGuard?

Fence performance information from your fence in the web. No matter where you are, be sure your fence is working.

The FenceGuard is an innovative way to monitor your electric fences. A small, independent sensor permanently measures the fence voltage. In an event of a fault, it triggers in real-time an alarm. All measured data are available in a web platform and gives you a lot of insights. The device operates autonomously and requires no power supply or battery replacement and can therefore be used in remote locations.

With the help of the FenceGuard an efficient and fast pasture fence check is possible. Straight pastures on busy roads and railway lines require constant checks of the fence. The fence is monitored pulse by pulse in 24/7. Thus, a grazing diary is kept automatically and you get a proof of your fence status. The livestock owner will automatically receive a documentation about his fence condition.

Fence monitor for all electric fences

How does it work?

Only 3 steps are necessary:

  • 1

    Mount the fence sensor anywhere on your fence. Both fence posts or the fence wires are suitable.

  • 2

    Connect the end of the short cable to the fence wire. Insert the end of the long cable into the soil as a grounding.

  • 3

    Open the website and create an account. Then unlock the fence sensor with the serial number printed on the back.

That's it! Depending on the reception situation, it can take up to an hour for the first data to be displayed online by a new fence sensor.

All features at a glance

This is possible with the FenceGuard

Easy installation

The installation is simple: just connect the fence sensor to the fence and unlock it online. That's all.

Fence voltage around the clock

The fence is constantly monitored and every change is detected. This reduces the daily effort for a manual fence check.

All data online in the cloud

All measured data can be viewed in a unique online platform. The data is securely stored in a data center in Germany.

Alarm in case of fence break

Gives alarm as soon as herding security is endangered. A threshold is individually adjustable. The alarm message can be sent via SMS, email or smartphone app.

Pasture diary

Automatically creates a grazing diary. This will give you a documentation which proves that your fence is working properly. There are daily, weekly and monthly views. Thus, you can also detect gradual deterioration of the fence.

Data transfer

The resulting measurement data is sent using an Europe-wide IoT network. It is no SIM card and no mobile phone contract required.


Attach the fence sensor to the fence exactly where you want it. The fence sensor is self-sufficient by its own power supply via solar panel and its modern wireless technology.


Made in Germany. The FenceGuard has been developed in Germany and is also manufactured in Germany.

Technical Data

The key facts about the FenceGuard

  • Measuring range fence voltage: 0 ... 10.000 volts

  • Measuring rate: every 10 minutes

  • Alerting: immediately after fence problems

  • Alarm threshold: freely adjustable

  • Alert Routes: Email, SMS, App (iOS, Android) *

  • GPS sensor for position determination

  • Data transmission: Sigfox network

  • Powerful solar panel, self-sufficient operation throughout the year

  • 500 mAh Li-ion battery, permanently installed

  • IP67: permanently weatherproof

  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C ... 50 ° C

  • Size: 112 x 68 x 12 mm

  • Weight: 120 g

  • * in development, available from 2020

We use the Sigfox network

Data transmission independent from the mobile phone network

The fence is online! We are taking an innovative path and using a network specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT): Sigfox. Compared to classic mobile phones, there are the following advantages:
  • Battery life of several years

  • Cost-effective data transmission

  • Excellent range

  • No SIM card or mobile phone contract required

The network is currently under construction throughout Europe. At present, about 75% of the area of ​​Germany are supplied. However, the expansion is progressing steadily. For coverage estimation, have a look on the official Sigfox coverage map:

Buy the FenceGuard

What do I need?

The FenceGuard system consists of the fence sensor to hung on a fence and a tariff for data transmission from the sensor to the Internet. All fence sensors come with one year of data transfer and storage. So you can start right after the purchase of the sensor.


  • Fence sensor, ready to go

  • Inclusive 1-year data plan

  • Suitable for all electric fencing

  • Weatherproof & self-sufficient

  • Status indication by LED


Data plan
  • 1-year data transfer

  • Unlimited mobile phone push notifications

  • Unlimited email alerts

  • 100 SMS notifications

  • Storage of all fence data for 1 year

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